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Do you want better results from your Facebook™️ ads?

No matter what type of digital product or coaching business you have, if maximizing your advertising budget is important to you, if improving the results of your ads is important to you, and if having all this done-for-you, organized and efficiently deployed is important to you, then keep reading…


If that’s a yes...

Then I have a remarkable Solution that’s going to get you better results from your advertising

By focusing on the core areas that can be improved WITHOUT any additional budget...

until you’re so delighted with the results that you’ll want to increase it.

There could be various reasons…

...why this package is the right one for you

✔️  You feel like your ad budget is being wasted.

✔️  You believe you should be seeing better results, but nothing is working.

✔️  You’ve spent a lot of money and now you need to make a change quickly.

✔️  You know you need a solid ads strategy, but don't know where to begin. 

All of those things may have you feeling apprehensive...

But you just need the right Guidance and Support.

There are so many things that could be holding you back from realizing the success you know you’re capable of achieving through the power of Facebook ads.


Whether this be a much higher conversion rate, a significant increase in sales, more leads and enquiries.


However what I’m about to share with you will help you to see that you actually can rely on Facebook as your primary method for growing your business.


I provide a solution that’s designed specifically for Digital Course Creators & Coaches who want to flood their business with desired results from Facebook ads.

 Who want to work within a solid tried & tested Facebook ads strategy AND have all of their ads management covered, without overspending and underachieving.

​​This package can result in:

Ads that are purely based around your unique company goals.

Zero wasted budget through careful tracking.

Conversions that are generated strategically.

Optimized return on investment through performance management.

High converting copy and designs that really ‘pop’.

Understanding your audience and ad performance better than ever before.

Here's the Truth...

There's a common misconception: "Ads don't work."


And when you've poured your heart, time, and money into campaigns without seeing the desired results, it's easy to understand why one might feel that way.

But here's the thing: ads are just one piece of the puzzle. Alone, they might not bring the magic. But when they are part of a holistic marketing strategy, when every piece – your offer, messaging, understanding of your audience, email sequences, landing pages – comes together in harmony, that's when the magic happens.

Ads amplify what's already working.

They can take a proven, validated funnel and supercharge it, propelling your business to heights you hadn’t imagined.

It's not an isolated tactic but a powerful tool in a well-oiled machine. With the right system and strategy in place - it's not about "IF" your ads will work; it's just a MATTER OF TIME.

So what's next?

Let's breakdown “The Facebook Flow” package into its primary elements:


1 - Consultant


2 - Strategist


3 - Creator

4 - Tracker 


5 - Optimizer 


6 - Reporter



Assessment of your existing Facebook ads account allows me to identify any bottlenecks and leaks of your existing funnels and ads, and present my findings in a way that will give you confidence that we’ve found a way to correct any issues, so we can confidently move forward in your new campaigns.


Facebook advertising goes beyond the understanding of how to set up the ads. 


You actually need a customized strategy that fits your business & goals like a glove so you can achieve the best possible results, through a carefully and meticulously planned funnel.



Facebook ads are competitive - really competitive. 


So the visual impact of the advert needs to be thoughtfully considered or you’ll be leading the audience, but not seeing the conversions you need, which is where our experience in copywriting and design comes into play, to ensure that your ads perform as anticipated.


There’s a very high degree of technical expertise required to get things ‘just right’ with your Facebook ads, as any data that’s tracked but isn’t accurate can lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue, so we’re always endeavoring to ensure we’re consistently getting the right data to really optimize your results.



When your ads are running, if the ball is dropped that can result in very costly mistakes, which is why we monitor your Facebook ads attentively to ensure they’re performing at consistently optimum levels - it’s literally a process of continuous refinement that requires a keen eye for detail, and sometimes numerous adjustments.


Knowing, with clarity, what the situation is with your Facebook advertising (at any given time) is essential for a deeper understanding of your clients & customers. Weekly reporting and having someone on hand to answer your questions allows for rapid growth and continued progression towards goals.



The package is a completely done-for-you, white-glove support for your ad copy, ad creative, messaging strategy, offer positioning, funnel strategy, tracking and more.

One Team

The ads are managed in one place, by me, so there's always a single person responsible for your piece of mind, where there's no question about accountability.

Expert Advice

I’m right by your side every-step-of-the-way as your ads manager, with over 6 years of experience in the marketing industry.

Effortless Growth

A whole new way of growing your business, where sales are effortless, every dollar spent on ads comes back many times over, and hustle is simply a thing of the past

How long will it take to see results?

Once I’ve carried out an audit of your Facebook ads account, I’ll show you the areas for growth I’ve identified for your brand, as well as the roadmap to help you capitalise on those opportunities using my system.

I want you to know that it can take a while to hit the gold mine with your ads. So it's important not to give up too soon, especially when you could be on the cusp of finding that sweet spot which marries together your products and your audience with the perfect message.

I’ll need at least 3 months, which is the average amount of time it takes to get clarity on your unique circumstances, refine a strategy and handle the ads management to give you the results you’re desiring.


My goal is to help you build a system that puts you in control of your own business growth AND provides you with consistency with your success - which comes from scaling your income, through scaling your Facebook ads, on demand.


Your Investment

I’m totally on board with helping you understand the return on investment when it comes to advertising. A comfortable investment could at least triple your advertising budget in revenue. I know this, because I’ve seen this result many times before. 


As long as we set mutually agreed goals that are in-line with your budget, we can be fairly certain of success. And just so you know, we always aim to exceed any goals we agree upon with our clients. 


So take a moment and calculate, based on your Facebook ads budget right now: if you could triple that Facebook ads budget in 3 month’s time, how much additional income could you be generating? My guess is, you would have made more than enough to cover my service, and then some…

"I’ve never worked with an Ads expert that put so much into making sure the copy was on point, the ads were converting to the right audience and cared so much! When you work with Polina, you are in for a treat! I highly recommend her work!"

Alyssa Nobriga - Institute for Coaching Mastery

Sarah Noked.png
"Polina is an absolute dream to work with. Not only has she managed to get me conversions under $2 and solid leads, she also goes above and beyond when it comes to providing really valuable feedback on my opt-ins, strategies and marketing efforts. Having someone to give me feedback that results in consistent sales is… priceless!"

Sarah Noked - OBM School

Geeta Nadkarni.png
"Polina is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough FB ads people I have EVER worked with. I mean the way she harvests my messaging from emails, etc plus all the tracking and reporting. If she’s got any room for you, RUN don’t walk!"

Geeta Nadkarni - Impact with Influence

Meagan Wilson.png
"Working with Polina has been amazing! She took a promotion that we had previously run and perfected it. We are now getting sign-ups at less than 50 cents a conversion! Within one month she helped us hit our goal to multiply our income by 5 with just $10 a day"

Meagan Wilson - Whole Family Rhythms

Claire Giovino

"Polina is your go-to person for technical help with setting up your FB ads or walking you through strategy. It’s hard to know who you can trust since there are so many FB ads experts these days. Polina has a vast amount of knowledge and doesn’t hold back from sharing it with her clients."

Claire Giovino - Inbox Done

Adrienne Luedeking
"I am SO impressed with everything you’ve achieved...100 segmented leads in about a week!!! I’m so grateful I found you! Finding you is an incentive to keep working hard so I can keep you on the team!"
Adrienne Luedeking - Fruitfully Alive
Facebook advertising

Free 1:1 Strategy Session

In this free 45-minute clarity session, we discuss your ads and funnels to find problems and come up with solutions. If, after our conversation, we think we're a good fit to work together, fantastic. But even if we don't end up signing a contract, my main priority is to help you understand your ad performance and what it takes to reach your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. WHAT EXACTLY IS INCLUDED? Every ads expert is different; some just do the media buying (aka the button pressing inside Ads Manager) and leave the rest up to you. The problem with this is that success with ads requires a holistic approach, and there’s a good chance that ads alone won’t get you the results you’re looking for. A high-level ads specialist should be able to provide the following in order to give your ads the highest possible chance of success: • Messaging strategy • Offering positioning • Ad copy • Ad creative • Funnel strategy • Funnel testing • Media buying • Daily optimization • Clear tracking of bottom line results (This is exactly what I provide and have perfected at The Virtual Ads Lab)

3. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Truly reputable freelance ad managers will typically charge $1,500 - $4,000 per month. My monthly retainer is starting from $2,000/month depending on the project.

5. HOW DO I KNOW IF I'M READY? OFFER SCALING: you might be ready to scale your offer by partnering with an ad specialist if you’ve already generated steady income selling it. As long as your offer is validated - you know your audience wants it and you know how to position it - using ads to get your offer in front of more of the right people will create more sales. OFFER VALIDATION: some people will tell you that it's risky to get into ads too early, but a better way to look at this is that it's a trade off. You can either spend time (for example, doing everything organically) testing, optimizing, and scaling your offers… or you can spend money on ads and SKIP YEARS OF TRYING TO GROW ORGANICALLY. Ads can buy you time. Literally. It will allow you to test, optimize and monetize your offers in the fastest way possible. Once you nailed the basics, you can scale your business in a way you would have never imagined. You will never want to go back.

2. WHAT IF ADS HAVE NEVER WORKED WELL FOR ME BEFORE? There’s a good chance that this actually wasn’t an ads issue, but rather a problem with your messaging and your funnel. This is why you MUST work with an ad specialist that can expertly and strategically guide you with these things. Because ads is only one piece of a puzzle. This is why I have such a strong track record creating success for clients who could never get ads to work for them before.

4. WHAT RESULTS CAN I EXPECT? Great question. Every offer and business is different. For clients who sell lower ticket offers ($1000 or less), we average a 3X ROAS. For clients selling higher ticket offers, it's truly not unreasonable to see a 5X-10X ROAS once all the funnel elements are working together cohesively. (I’m happy to run some projections for you on the call if you’re curious about the possibility for your specific offer.)

6. WHAT IF I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? If you have more questions or want to explore scaling your ads with me, just book a call with me or shoot me an email to:

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