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Facebook advertising

Facebook & Instagram Ads

That sell and convert.

For coaches and course creators

Who want to dominate their industry.

Why you're not seeing results from your Ads (and how to fix it)

As a Coach or Course Creator extraordinaire, you've got a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a burning passion to change lives.


You've invested countless hours in perfecting your craft, and now it's time to grow that audience, scale your business, and make your mark on the world.

Sounds great, right?

But let's face it, mastering the art of Facebook advertising can feel like learning a new language... while blindfolded... and walking a tightrope.


Or maybe you've already worked with ad agencies in the past that made you feel like you weren’t a priority and never took the time to really UNDERSTAND your brand?


The hard truth is: Finding an ads specialist to do an incredible job and care as much about your business as you care about it, is not easy.

... Someone who delivers a white glove service and boutique attention.

... Someone who is data-driven, strategic-thinking, and systematized.

... Someone who could take the wheel, navigate the twists and turns of the Facebook advertising world, and make your business shine.

Because mediocrity won't cut it if you're serious about dominating your market.

Hi! I'm Polina.

Certified Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist

I help coaches, consultants and course creators to attract dream clients & crush their business goals.


Why choose me to take care of your Ads?


➡️ Ads Expertise: with 5+ years of experience and my strategic know-how and processes, I'll make sure your ads stand out and drive results.

➡️ Personalized Solutions: Cookie-cutter campaigns? No, thank you. I'm all about creating tailor-made strategies that align with your unique goals and speak to your dream clients.

➡️ Proven Track Record: I've got the experience, the case studies, and the glowing testimonials to back up my skills.

➡️ Unwavering Transparency: I believe in crystal-clear communication, providing real-time data analysis and comprehensive weekly reports that keep you in the loop every step of the way.


In short, I know how to make the Facebook ads magic happen!


Here's How I Can Make Your Business Shine

Strategy Development:


Together, we'll whip up a fabulous Facebook ads strategy that amplifies your brand and aligns with your objectives (all while sipping a virtual latte, of course)

Precise Targeting:


I'll put my detective hat on and zero in on your ideal clients, making sure your ads reach the right people at the right time (and leaving no stone unturned).

Engaging Ad Creation:


Think stunning visuals, compelling copy, and irresistible calls-to-action – I'll craft ads that not only grab attention but also inspire action from your target audience.

Conversion Optimization:


I'll keep a keen eye on your campaigns, employing data-driven decisions to maximize conversions and minimize costs, ensuring your investment is well-spent.

Retargeting & Sales Funnels:


I'll implement advanced retargeting strategies and develop high-converting sales funnels that nurture leads and turn prospects into loyal customers.

South Kensington London Mews

It's the answer you've been looking for. Let's work together to build your dream!

"I’ve never worked with an Ads expert that put so much into making sure the copy was on point, the ads were converting to the right audience and cared so much! When you work with Polina, you are in for a treat! I highly recommend her work!"

Alyssa Nobriga - Institute for Coaching Mastery

Sarah Noked.png
"Polina is an absolute dream to work with. Not only has she managed to get me conversions under $2 and solid leads, she also goes above and beyond when it comes to providing really valuable feedback on my opt-ins, strategies and marketing efforts. Having someone to give me feedback that results in consistent sales is… priceless!"

Sarah Noked - OBM School

Geeta Nadkarni.png
"Polina is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough FB ads people I have EVER worked with. I mean the way she harvests my messaging from emails, etc plus all the tracking and reporting. If she’s got any room for you, RUN don’t walk!"

Geeta Nadkarni - Impact with Influence

Meagan Wilson.png
"Working with Polina has been amazing! She took a promotion that we had previously run and perfected it. We are now getting sign-ups at less than 50 cents a conversion! Within one month she helped us hit our goal to multiply our income by 5 with just $10 a day"

Meagan Wilson - Whole Family Rhythms

Claire Giovino

"Polina is your go-to person for technical help with setting up your FB ads or walking you through strategy. It’s hard to know who you can trust since there are so many FB ads experts these days. Polina has a vast amount of knowledge and doesn’t hold back from sharing it with her clients."

Claire Giovino - Inbox Done

Adrienne Luedeking
"I am SO impressed with everything you’ve achieved...100 segmented leads in about a week!!! I’m so grateful I found you! Finding you is an incentive to keep working hard so I can keep you on the team!"

Adrienne Luedeking - Fruitfully Alive

Modern Design Coffee Cup

Free 1:1 Clarity Session

In this free 45-minute clarity session, we discuss your ads and funnels to find problems and come up with solutions. If, after our conversation, we think we're a good fit to work together, fantastic. But even if we don't end up signing a contract, my main priority is to help you understand your ad performance and what it takes to reach your goals.

Ready to chat about ads?

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